Night Walking

So, currently, I am living on campus at the University of Louisville. A close 5 minute drive down 4th street, or take a bus, will get you to the heart of downtown Louisville.

A lot of people have this mindset, that downtown Louisville is extremely dangerous at night. I disagree. The whole main city hub is lit and the majority of the people you pass, don’t even look at you. Now granted, there are places you shouldn’t go to while downtown at night because they are legitimately dangerous, every city has those areas.

Every now and then, I like to go into the city at night. I’m there for as long as I please, going wherever I choose. I usually take my camera, my phone, a couple tripods, headphones, and a book. Tonight I only took my phone as to be my camera. I didn’t do any timelapses as I do quite often, instead, I just sort of wandered around taking pictures of things I found interesting.

I have a good interest in parking garages, as I like to go to the top floor and look out over things that I wouldn’t normally see from the ground.






I’ve come to the realization that it doesn’t matter what other people like, it’s what you like that matters.



I was walking past a building and the front desk where the security guard is supposed to be at night, was missing. I wonder where they were.







One thing about walking around a city at night, is that there usually are people doing the exact same thing. It’s interesting to ponder what they’re doing. Why they’re doing it. The crazy thing however, is that I’ll most likely never see them again.



I like to walk around and take pictures of things that most people wouldn’t think of to capture. “It’s not important. It’s not famous. It’s a normal object.” That doesn’t make it any less beautiful. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say.



I like to get a different perspective on things, rather than just seeing them at face value.







When one door in life closes, another door opens. It’s interesting how quickly an image will change over a few seconds of time.





I really do like to wonder what people are thinking to themselves.



Funny how light works.





One thing about walking around downtown, especially at night, that I do not like, is the sense of negligence for your fellow man, that many people have. People you walk past, even after you give them a friendly smile, or nod of the head, will continue walking past with disregard as if to say, “You’re not worth my time.” Really quite saddening that that is what has become of so many people.




So many people are too worried about the potential negatives of a situation they could put themselves in, to where they don’t realize that the positives outweigh the negatives man times over.


Flight from Louisville to Chicago

Recently took a trip out to Los Angeles for a week and had a blast. My first flight was from Louisville to Chicago. It was an early flight so I knew the sun was going to be rising as we were making our way to Chicago. I was sitting with a friend and kindly asked her if I could have the window seat in order to take some pictures and what not; she obliged and we switched seats. I didn’t have anyway to mount my iPhone anywhere so I resorted to holding it against the window. Not bad for the first ten minutes; but after 30, it starts to hurt.

The footage isn’t as nice as I’d like it to be, but oh well. Next time I fly out this summer, I’ll be sure to have my gorillapod, Shoulderpod s1 iPhone tripod mount, and take the video in landscape instead of portrait. I’ll also use the Lapse-It app as it is a much better option for time-lapse photography on iPhones.

Hello world!

Hello, my name is Jacob. I’ve created this website for a variety of reasons. One, it can serve as a portfolio for my photography and get my name out there a little more. Two, it gives me somewhere to blog about topics that I feel I need to discuss and share my opinions on. This will mainly serve as a travel and photography blog, yet I will discuss other topics as well on occasion.

Hope you stick around and enjoy!