Travel New Roads

As I am using my life towards travel and exploration, I felt I should begin my first official photography project. I decided to entitle it: “Travel New Roads.” It’s meaning is basically what it says. Over an undesignated amount of time, and at the moment, an undesignated amount of photos, I will begin a series of pictures based around the idea of traveling new roads.

I have no strict rules or interpretations of what I should define as a road, but I’m positive it will come together in a matter that I, and hopefully many others, will find meaningful and inspiring. I would like to write a short story about each picture as to why I found it important enough to include in this project. I have already started doing so on my Instagram feed, but not all of the photos I post there will go into my final rendition. This is a project that will be constantly evolving and changing over time.


Road 1

It’s only fitting that the first road I insert here should be the Ring Road, or Route 1, in Iceland. Hitch-hiking Iceland was my first major solo travel experience, and it’s one that changed the way I go about life. This section of road, in particular, is where I sort of pushed myself towards the mindset of traveling and following what I want to do, regardless what people around me think about my choices.

If you’ve read my first post on Iceland, this was the section of road where I was walking for three hours without being picked up once. I ran out of water, was in the middle of nowhere, and it was close to getting dark. Not to mention it was my first day in this new country and I was sleep deprived to say the least. I could’ve given up there, called it quits, and tried to head back to Reykjavík, but I made the choice, at that moment, that this is really what I was going to do, and that was that.

I don’t expect anyone else to understand the emotional connection that I have with this road, but it is what it is.